We believe in facts, not fiction.

Vegan Rocks is a collection of carefully researched resources about plant-based diet and the Veganism lifestyle.

How it started

I guess, it all started with the movie An Inconvenient Truth. It was shocking, eye-opening and most important, inspiring for me. This is when I slowly began to change my habits.

But it was only recently, when I discovered the massive effects on the environment when consuming meat. Eating plant-based food is the single most important decision you can make to actually have an impact on the environment. So I went Vegetarian.

I absolutely loved milk. Not only milk, each and every diary product. I was obsessed with cheese and all the good stuff. I couln’t think of going Vegan.

And then I watched the movie H.O.P.E.: What You Eat Matters. I was in tears. And I made the final call. Going Vegan is the only right thing to do.

This is how it started. But only going Vegan wasn’t enough. I wanted to distribute.

I wanted to spread the message.

Why we started Vegan Rocks

As a Vegan, we all know this situation: Someone who is not a Vegan starts questioning you about your lifestyle and your diet and how bad and unnatural it is for your body.

So we asked ourself:

What if there is a website with all the information about Veganism? A website that lists the most common asked questions. A website with high quality researched resources?

and so it began…

We started our research in October 2018. We already knew a couple of things, but we wanted only proven facts.

The many myths about Veganism

As we researched every fact about Veganism, we also came along a long list of myths. So we started digging deeper and deeper. And our journey is far from finished.

Have a look at Vegan Facts.


Right now, we’re only two persons. So content is slowly growing over time. But if you want to contribute, get in touch with us:

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